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About Us

Our Story

Canadian Crypto Enthusiasts who built a network of intelligent peers that collaborate together to bring insights to others who want to participate but might not know the right people or the right place to start.

We are an open ecosystem of knowledge and resource sharing with the goal of building passive income and generational wealth. We don't care if you are new to this, experienced, young, old, rich, you won't impress anyone with tax receipts or knowledge of your own. It's your willingness to share and be a good human that will impress, and if you're that, we want to know you and give that same willingness to help and be a good human back to you and the world. 

You can go fast alone, you can go far together, and we're in this for the long haul so we're teaming up with the best resources in the world and creating the future we want for ourselves. This includes you, we're excited to meet you, in the meantime drop us a line and enjoy the sharing. 

Let’s Work Together

The Great White North. Ontario Canada

Tel: members only

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