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Binance Bans Ontario Users, Too Bad Canada.

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Yes, Binance is still restricted in Ontario. You might have thought things were looking great when you read that Binance helds talks with Canadian Regulators and is Cooperating.

Yes well that means nothing. To make sure you know how little that means, if you live in Ontario, Canada, you would have received an email like this:

What Do You Do Now

Binance gets scrutinized by Financial Regulators across the world due to their inability and unwillingness to comply to policies that help reduce concerns over the use of crypto currencies in money laundering and other high-risk activities.

They are banned in the U.K, Ontario Canada, China, Europe for Derivatives, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, the list goes on and on.

Majority of crypto investors don't intend on using it for illegal practices and welcome the adherence to policies, as discussed in the book Digital Gold. Would it stop you from investing in Crypto knowing steps are taking to ensure bad actors aren't using it to do bad things?

Forget Binance, they will be left in the dust by companies like Get an account with and stick it to disorganized, lawless, corrupt companies like Binance.

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