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Updated: Jan 8, 2022


Get your account through this link to receive a $25 signup bonus. is the best app on the market to buy, sell, hold and use Crypto Currency. They are partnered with VISA and you can get a metal card that gives you even more rewards and lets you actually make real purchases with your crypto. Follow the steps below and read the below to kickstart your knowledge of and their must have coin (CRO) that you need to own right now.

Why Coin (CRO)

  • adheres to applicable securities and tax laws.

  • is (as of Dec 24, 2021) #14 on the CoinMarketCap Top Exchanges, and growing. Lots of upside.

  • The Utility of the coin is robust as shown on this Tweet by The platform not only lets you buy and use 200+ coins in safe, secure, simple phone app, they have additional perks perks on the platform like the Visa Sponsored Debit Card, as well as NFT capabilities, A DeFi Wallet that helps you make passive income through Liquidity Pools and Staking.

  • Crypto Influencer Teeka Tiwari has released a report In December 2021 saying CRO will 27.5x, here is a breakdown of that report Aaron Bennet (youtube 8min video) app is safe, secure, legal and yes that is Matt Damon on their website. They are marketing geniuses, securing the rights to the Staples Center which is now called the Arena. Their goal is to spark the next Billion People's interest in Crypto Currency and if anyone can make mass adoption happen, all signs point to

They have 1.4M twitter followers during the writing of this article. As they reach more people the their native coin (CRO) will skyrocket. This team is unstoppable - a strong balance of incredible Technology, People, Process which make for a winning combination that generates longevity and results. This is what you want in an investment.

Diversify your holdings and seek financial advice on any investment decision you make, the case is strong for owning's native coin (CRO) for the next 5 years. Add this to your portfolio as Strategy 1 for Passive Income with Crypto Currency - Investing.

Strategy 1: Invest in the right crypto currency

Strategy 2: Liquidity Pools/Staking

Strategy 3: Mining

Strategy 4: Automated Trading

Nothing is get rich overnight, and this won't be, so be smart and ease into it. Use strategies like Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) just as you would with any other investment. It is better to buy every month than trying to beat the market.

Ken Fisher famously said that "it is more important to spend time in the market than trying to time the market".

How Do I Open A Account

Step 1: Download And Create

  • Use our App Referral Link to get a bonus [referral code is jgutay65zn].

  • Type email into the first phase, hit submit.

  • Download the app, it is 100% phone based.

Step 2: Verify Account And Create/Store Passcodes

Open the app, you'll have a couple steps to follow to identify yourself and set passcodes.

Write your info on a piece of paper and store securely.

Step 3: Load Up with $

  • On the main screen of the app, select "Transfer" >> then "Deposit">> Select "Fiat"">> Set Up "Canadian Dollar" (or preferred currency)>>then select that established currency and you'll see instructions to etransfer from your bank. Follow the etransfer steps shown on the app to a tee. DO NOT FORGET TO TYPE YOUR PROVIDED ACCOUNT # INTO THE MESSAGE OF YOUR E-TRANSFER AS INSTRUCTED. You can lose your money in the Crypto world by inputting the wrong data during transfers.

Step 4: Buy CRO

  • On the main screen, select "Trade">> then "Buy">> find "CRO" >> choose "Fiat Wallet" at the top since you just added fiat to your wallet and will use that to buy CRO>> select your value and now you are a proud owner of CRO.

Step 5: Get your Visa Card, Read the How To Guide here.

Interested in how to spend your Crypto in real life, watch this great video on the topic and Eddie Moons helpful review of the card

Step 6: Get the Defi Wallet to start earning passive income on your coin. Instructions here.


Start Learning: University - enhance your knowledge and take some of their free lessons.

Advanced Learning: - we highly recommend following Kris Kay and buying his course called Defi Wealth Bible. It is worth the money (sub $100) and in 3 hours you'll have a strong foundation on crypto that will help you as you pursue the avenues to passive income with crypto.

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