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My eTransfer Didn't Go Through!

Sending an eTransfer to a account can be nerve wracking, especially if it is your first time. Even if it is your 100th time it can drum up anxiety.

What Do You Do If Your eTransfer Didn't Go Through

Let us save you the headache and wait time by giving you simple instructions to follow.

First: Make sure you place your Identification Number in the eTransfer note. You can find the ID number in the app by going to "Transfer" (on the top of the main screen)>> "Deposit">>"Fiat">>Select your currency>> and voila, your instructions along with the Identification number to add into the note of your eTransfer are right there.

Second: If your eTransfer is taking hours or even a full day, you might have forgotten the ID number in the note. So here are the steps to make up for it:

1. Open the app

2. Select Accounts

3. Select Fiat wallet

4. Select Transfer

5. Select Deposit

6. Select CAD

7. At the top select the blue button "Haven't received your deposit yet? [...]"

8. Enter the 8 digit alphanumeric reference number which begins with CA (not the same as the Identification Number) that you received via email or bank alert (for example CA8me6HV - but the one that your bank actually sent in the email)

9. will notify you once your bank transfer has been successfully deposited

This works like a charm!!! Your money will appear in minutes (or hours, but at least you'll get it)

Important Reminders About Any Crypto Transfers

The most important best practice to live by when it comes to Crypto transfers whether you are depositing cash or moving crypto currency from place to place is this:

ALWAYS COPY AND PASTE. Instead of attempting to write down your crypto account #'s, find a way to copy and paste it and you'll save yourself a lot of disappointment. Lots of money has been lost by sending currency to the wrong account, often you can't get it back.

Alternatively, you can do what the founder of Ethereum did (Vitalik Buterin) and even Paris Hilton did, get a crypto domain which can be used as a replacement for your lengthy account #'s, isntead of sending funds to Ox48237237sdgw63423723ghx37236m you can instead send and receive crypto at YourName.eth.

Get yours at:

Check out Vitalik and Paris below, click on their images to be taken to their twitter page.

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