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Resetting a Bobcat Miner

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

HELP!!!! My Helium App shows issues with "Outbound"/"Inbound" and "Sync", I'm earning less money. If this is you, follow these very simple 9 steps to reset your miner and get back to earning within 30 minutes.

Bobcat Miner Diagnostic Report
If your miner looks like this, You might need a reset.

Diagnostic Report: Running a diagnostic is simple. Simply open the Helium App on your phone, select your miner, "PAIR", and then run a diagnostic.

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Bobcat Miner - Helium Network
The most profitable miner on the market

Thankfully, the steps are a lot easier than you think, you'll be back up and running in 30minutes.

Step 1: Bluetooth pair your phone to your bobcat by pushing a pin into the bluetooth button on the back of the device.

Step 2: Once the light turns blue, select the miner in your Helium App (on your phone) and hit the blue "PAIR" button. Then, Run a "Diagnostic"

Step 3: The Diagnostic will report your Outbound/Inbound, Sync status, as well as other vital information on your bobcat. If either or all of those are grayed out, you should reset the miner.

Jot down the IP Address of your router from the bottom of the Diagnostic report.

Step 4: Open a web browser on a computer that is connected to the same network as your Bobcat miner. Type in the IP address from Step 3.

Step 5: This step requires you to know a username and password.

Username: bobcat Password: miner

After typing the IP address into a web browser, a webpage will open up. This is the User Interface of your Bobcat miner.

Near the top you should be able to see whether the device is "Synched" or not, and just below that you might see "Miner (5s)" in red. Simply take note of these items.

Scroll down to "Reset Miner" and select this option.

You will be prompted to type in "I Agree" to start the reset. Important. (remember the username and password from the beginning of this step, they'll come in handy at this point)

Once the reset is started, wait the full 5 minutes even if it takes 3 minutes. Start a timer!

Your device will reset. The light will turn yellow and when completed it will turn back to green.

**Do not be alarmed if the process takes longer than 5 minutes, sometimes this can happen.

Step 6: Once the 5 minutes is up and the light is green. Open the Helium App on your phone and bluetooth pair to your miner, same as you did in Step 1.

Check to see if Outbound/Inbound and Sync have changed. Hopefully they are all green, but if not, do not be alarmed.

Step 7: Go back to the web browser, type in the IP address.

This time the first line should now report "Syncing", followed by a "GAP" number.

You are now in the queue for synching. If this number is over 400, (often you'll see a number well over 10,000), then go to step 8 and 9. 

Step 8: In the web browser, find "Fast Sync (Alpha) and select that. This initiates a 30min process, wait the entire 30 minutes, start a timer and do nothing else.

*If you need a username and password, use the same one from Step 5.

Step 9: After 30 minutes. Bluetooth pair back into your bobcat through your phones Helium App. You should see everything completely back to normal (Outbound/Inbound/Sync)

If things are not reporting as normal, trust the process and simply wait 12-24hrs before you jump to any conclusions. The Helium App and the Helium Explorer can be delayed at times (often quite frequently).

Your earnings will start to recover within hours, and within 24hours you should be back to normal. These steps work for Bobcat miners, if you have a different miner the theory behind this should help you with other miners. Search our articles for your specific miner, if you can't find it reach out to us directly and we'll do what we can to help get you the right information for your setup.

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